LS100G3 Review



Hi Bill,

Amp arrived today and I have played with it a couple of hours. I must say that this is the best amp I have ever played and I have just only tried it at my home in a row house at low volume. You certainly delivered and I'm so happy I chose your amp.

Clean channel is exceptional. I never thought that anything could beat the Shiva's clean but Landry certainly does just that. I put my blackbird preamp for sale, I don't need any tone enhancers with G3. Different bright switch positions are really good and practical, I can easily switch between single coil and humbucker guitars and just flip the switch for right amount of brightness.

I could not imagine that OD- channel could be so versatile. Gain at 8 o'clock I can have beautiful plexi style cleans with a little breakup. At noon it is gorgeous crunch tone that I can clean up with my guitar volume knob. High gain does everything I need gainwise and more. Plexitone is now gone from my pedalboard and also Neunaber reverb pedal. Basicly I don't need any pedals with G3 except delay and tuner (and maybe a compressor). Also red channel mid control is very nice and usable throughout the whole sweep of the knob.

I added also a picture of my rig, Landry fits right in. Before this amp only my Ruokangas VSOP, a strat style guitar was my only piece of gear that I knew right from the start that I would never sell it. G3 is another of those things. And I knew it from the first chord just like the strat, this isn't just honeymoon period. I have had the strat for five years now and it is forever for me regarding guitar gear...

Thank you again for this amazing piece of gear. I will spread the word here in Finland and hope musicians all over the world would get to know Landry Amps and order them from you. Thank you also for your exceptional customer service, awesome!